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Full disclosure: I’m a boomer so indulge me please.

I know today’s kids, pandemic notwithstanding, have very organized lives before, during, and after school. They have activities, playdates, projects, sports, tutoring, and whatever can be come up with. Back in the proverbial day, I sometimes attended an “after-school” community center. That’s where I learned very little but could hang out with kids playing ping-pong, basketball or the random board game. I guess I did get pretty proficient at board games.

Someone thought of the bright idea of providing cooking lessons at the center. I was in. The…


“He doesn’t appear to be her parent!”

October 2020 and a simple visit to MyEyeDr on Normandy in Jacksonville turned into one of those random racist incidents some don’t believe really happen everyday — going in for a routine eye exam. MyEyeDr is an optometry franchise that has locations in “the Southeast, MidAtlantic, Northeast and Midwest United States” according to their website. This particular office may not be representative of their policies but the sign outside reads “MyEyeDr.” So who knows?

Fifteen-year old Emily was excited about getting her drivers license earlier this year but…

Sleeping Hermaphroditus, Louvre. My photo.

Motivational Liar: An expert gives a few pointers

“One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.” Niccolò Machiavelli

I am a liar and a firm believer in Lying.

I often wonder why some believe it’s best to tell the truth. Why do people ever think others even want to hear “the Truth?” Why is truth one of those words that gets a capital T? Can anyone even tell me why someone would tell the truth for no reason. I mean, what does a person gain from that?

I’ve learned from experience that most prefer a…

Alberta Wilson

Hate in the time of Corona

It seemed interminable — the 8 minutes and 46 seconds I stood alone in my Florida living room, in honor of George Floyd, who had been murdered by a white police officer who pressed his knee into the neck of the black man for that long. As I watched the Minneapolis memorial service, I felt one tear, then another course down my cheek as I stood. Why was I crying? Immediately, I channeled the distress of being immobilized, of being held down of being suffocated in a kneed neck choke. Outside…

Alberta Wilson

“My lifelong friend is a racist!”

By Alberta Wilson as told to me by my daughter-in-law (July 17, 2020)

It happened earlier this evening. My daughter-in-law often meets up with a group of friends but they had been respecting the constraints of the coronavirus until one of them had a personal emergency. As fate would have it, the friend with the urgent matter had to leave her house and they all reconvened at the home of, let’s call her Susan.

As the conversation of the tragedy wore on, someone mentioned an absentee friend and Susan blurted out…

Alberta Wilson

English & writing instructor. Lover of language.

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