Is racism universal?

It certainly exists in Europe. Did Europeans invent racism or is it older than their continent? Which European countries are more racist: those with or without “others”? How racist is France? But Paris is so wonderful!

Ah — Paree! It is so wonderful if you manage to…

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A true episode from a black child’s life — mine

A brilliant career pedagogue decided that all music appreciation courses in Junior High School 142 should take place in room 320. This meant three ninth grade classes were grouped together every Friday afternoon to learn songs no one would ever…

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history rewound

Not lynched

this time

blue/gray coated musketeer

armed at the ready

Not chased

hounded thru swamps

nor sold on line

Concrete jungles leading

rubber roads to dismal dumps

Not violated


Protected by sheepskin

granted in hallows

Not lumped in clumps

this time

tho stumped by chumps



i remember the happy days

i was a square

not yet hipped to the unreal

faraway place

the high

not yet acquainted with

violent peace

counterfeit serenity

it happened

i slowcooked the inevitable

praying one shot

wd not

ally me forever

to this unknown enemy

i shot the…

What goes on beyond the front doors of Beverly Hills mansions? Most have no better idea of that reality than they do about life on the moon. The images evoked from the zip code 90210 come from the tv show (remember that?), various reality shows (based on?), or glamorous photo…

Food for thought

Full disclosure: I’m a boomer so indulge me please.

I know today’s kids, pandemic notwithstanding, have very organized lives before, during, and after school. They have activities, playdates, projects, sports, tutoring, and whatever can be come up with. Back in the proverbial day, I sometimes attended an…


“He doesn’t appear to be her parent!”

October 2020 and a simple visit to MyEyeDr on Normandy in Jacksonville turned into one of those random racist incidents some don’t believe really happen everyday — going in for a routine eye exam. MyEyeDr is an optometry…

Sleeping Hermaphroditus, Louvre. My photo.

Motivational Liar: An expert gives a few pointers

“One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.” Niccolò Machiavelli

I am a liar and a firm believer in Lying.

I often wonder why some believe it’s best to tell the truth. Why do people ever think…

Alberta Wilson

Hate in the time of Corona

It seemed interminable — the 8 minutes and 46 seconds I stood alone in my Florida living room, in honor of George Floyd, who had been murdered by a white police officer who pressed his knee into the neck of the…

Alberta Wilson

Lover of language.

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