author’s photo — Niagara Falls

poem: dawn of a former day

Alberta Wilson


history rewound

Not lynched

this time

blue/gray coated musketeer

armed at the ready

Not chased

hounded thru swamps

nor sold on line

Concrete jungles leading

rubber roads to dismal dumps

Not violated


Protected by sheepskin

granted in hallows

Not lumped in clumps

this time

tho stumped by chumps


The past once gone

crossed times horizon

lighting fires believed extinguished

with blood of ghostly granddads

thought calmed by progress moving

to future terrain

uninhabited by tricky trolls and their treacherous followers

waving banners bleached by hate

preached to the pointy headed white-clad choir

hailing opposites

to each his own

Not sullied

Not bullied

Not crushed not hushed

Not returning to the land of yassa

entering backdoors

No rights seen

lest wrongs unseen


Not shuffling along

to the tune of how now kow tow

This day

Head to the sky





[written 2016]