Random Acts of Racism #75000

Alberta Wilson
3 min readAug 29, 2021

Is racism universal?

It certainly exists in Europe. Did Europeans invent racism or is it older than their continent? Which European countries are more racist: those with or without “others”? How racist is France? But Paris is so wonderful!

Ah — Paree! It is so wonderful if you manage to stay way from the Parisians who wish you had never come to their city. I do like going to Paris, even the last time when I was forced to be there because my COVID vaccination card wasn’t enough for me to board my connecting flight to Libreville, Gabon. I needed a negative PCR test result. I was told by Air France ground agents I was welcome to sleep in the airport that night and wait 4 days to get another flight. That didn’t work for me. I went on booking.com and reserved a hotel room, got a taxi, and went into the city.

Although it was July, the weather was execrable and I couldn’t just stroll around; so, I found a restaurant near my hotel and treated myself to a scrumptious meal, the highlight of my 48-hour stay. There is always something French to redeem even a horrible stay in France. A saving grace. I ran into no railing racists and was on my way once I switched airlines and flew to Addis Ababa, then on to Libreville in 2 not 4 days.

Everyone is not so fortunate. A young man, having lunch in a Parisian restaurant comparable to the…